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  • Cash or Cheque: Fill out the online form or download your order form (see right hand column).  Submit cash or cheque payment to any PTO lock box. 
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(Please make one TOTAL payment)

1.  Choose "Send to Friends and Family" using your PayPal account to Under notes, list student name(s) and grade. For 5-8th grade, Indicate language/music choices.


2.  Pay with credit card, a 3% surcharge will be applied. Select your kit below and click "Add to Cart".  Add as many kits as needed.  Choose "Check out without Paypal". 

5th-8th Grade Only: Please choose language and music option
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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Classroom Start Up Fund?

All too often, teachers use their own money to pay for much needed teaching supplies.   Last year, $4000 was raised from kit sales and many generous donations. The money raised is distributed before the beginning of the new school year to full and part-time teachers to spend at their discretion on various classroom items.  Making a donation is easy! Include your donation with your cash or check payment, or donate online.


What is included in the kits?

For K-4, all items shown on the supply lists are included with the exception of personal change of clothes and water bottles. Fees for kindergarten activity shirts and 3rd grade music recorders are included. These fees are given directly to the teacher before the start of the year.  If you are a new student, additional fees may apply.

For 5-8, all items with the exception to binders are included. Families are encouraged to re-use binders where possible. Additional binders are available for purchase.


Where do I pick up the kits?

Your child's school supply kit will be delivered to their homeroom before Orientation Night in August. In some cases, the kits will already be unpacked into your child's designated cubby or locker. Otherwise, it will be in a box, labelled with your child's name.  Many bulk items will be delivered directly to the teacher.  A check list with your child's name will be available for you to review.


Where do the supplies come from?

All supplies are shopped for and assembled by parent volunteers. Quality is very important, as is price. Many items are purchased in bulk or online. Other items are directly from local retailers.   For Grades 1 through 3, select items will be passed up from the previous year, depending on condition. These items include library tote bags, headsets, clipboards, pencil boxes and scissors. Any items found to be in poor condition will be replaced with new ones.


Why do some teachers request additional supplies during the year?

Often, consumable supplies, such as wipes, need replenishing during the school year. Sometimes, there is a staff change or a last minute change to the supply list.   Every effort is made to predict the needs of the classroom and to accommodate to changes over the summer.


When I inspected my kit last year, why did it seem like some items are missing from my kit?

Some items purchased in bulk that are for general classroom use may be delivered to the teacher directly. This will be indicated on a check list provided for you. Where applicable, an itemized check list will be available for you to review when you inspect the kits in the fall.  This year, depending on teacher preference, much of the common items will be delivered in bulk directly to the teacher and will not be in the kits at Orientation Night.


Why do the prices vary?

Prices will vary year to year as classroom needs change. You may have noticed a general price decrease from last year. This is because effort is made to compile the most accurate and streamlined list. Prices vary from grade to grade because the classroom needs are unique to each grade.


Have another question? Please email Sharon Tam at