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The Scholars Academy school rock was a gift from the graduating class 2010, with the intention of using it as a yearly fundraiser for the 8th grade DC trip. The school rock can be reserved to paint birthday, congratulations, good luck, or other messages for the school community to see.

The school rock can be reserved by one family or group per day. Reservations may be made for either the front OR the back of the rock for $7 per day, or for the whole rock (if both sides are available) for $14 per day. You may also reserve and pay for multiple days in succession. Reservations can be made here. This site requires a user account and only the administrator has access to your information. Please make checks payable to Metrolina Scholars Academy PTO - memo School Rock & your child's name.
Step by step  instructions on reserving the rock are provided below.

School Rock Policies
  • You may begin painting the rock at 3:30pm on the day before your reserved day (for example, if your reservation is for a Tuesday, you may begin painting the rock at 3:30pm on the Monday before).
  • Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis. If you have trouble with the online system, please contact the administrator.
  • All materials and painting supplies are your responsibility.
  • ONLY the rock can be painted. Painting on sidewalks, lampposts, grass, or buildings is prohibited. Any damage or destruction to the surrounding areas or buildings will deem the group/organization financially responsible for cleaning and repair costs.
  • What is painted on the school rock must be in good taste and may not contain any foul language, discriminatory or political remarks. Profanity and obscenities are not permitted. What is painted must be in accordance to the Scholars Academy student code of conduct.
  • If the weather is inclement, you may reserve another date through the website, however, you may NOT move your date to the next day without first checking the online schedule and reserving that date. Sorry, no refunds.
  • No person shall make, distribute, or display on the school’s campus, any statement, abbreviations or words that unlawfully defames any other person or organization.
  • Properly discard all painting supplies when finished.
  • Please be kind to our environment and recycle your empty paint cans!

Tips for Painting
  • The most popular paint to use is spray paint. You will probably need 2 or 3 cans per side for a good base coat (more if your base coat is white). Please note that latex paint and paint that is rolled on will take several hours to dry, as opposed to spray paint, which dries in several minutes.
  • To paint your design, acrylic craft paint and craft or foam brushes are recommended. They are available at discount stores or any craft store.

How to Reserve the School Rock
*Hint: Click on the image thumbnail to view it in full size.

  1. Go to the Scheduler Website.
  2. Click “Sign In” to log in or to create a new account.
  3. 3. If you have already created an account, enter your email address and password to log in. Skip to #8.
  4. If this is your first time using the reservation system, you must create a new account.
  5. On the User Log In screen, click “Create a new user account”.
  6. On the New User Account screen, enter your email address and create a password. Telephone number is optional.
  7. Click “Create”.
  8. You will be directed back to the calendar.
  9. Select the date and the side of the rock you would like to reserve. Each day has 2 blocks: the left is coded blue and is for the front of the rock (the side facing the drop-off/pick-up line); the right is coded red and is for the back of the rock (facing the school’s main parking lot).
  10. If you are not registered or signed-in, you will be asked to sign in to create a reservation. Click “sign in” go back to #4 above.
  11. If you have already signed in, the New Reservation window will come up.
  12. Select “Front of Rock” or “Back of Rock” from the drop-down box.
  13. Click “Create Reservation”.
  14. On the Payment for Scholars Rock screen, click “Pay Later”. **Please note: Payments will be posted to your account by the PTO Treasurer.
  15. You will be taken back to the calendar screen where you will see your  
  16. You can see details of your reservation by clicking on your reserved block. You may update or delete your reservation in the window that pops up.
  17. To reserve both sides of the rock, simply create another reservation on the same day for the other side, if it is available.
  18. You may make multiple reservations while logged in. If you are finished making reservations, no further action is required.
  19. You will receive an email reminder 3 days prior to your reservation.

Advanced Uses

Agenda View
  • If you have upcoming reservations, they will show on the Agenda screen.
  • You can make changes to or delete your reservation by clicking the “Edit” icon next to your desired reservation item.
  • You can also create a new reservation here. The system defaults to the next available date. Change by typing in your desired date.
  • If you choose a date that is unavailable, your will receive the following message:
  • Select a new date or cancel and go back to the Month view.
  • You can also view upcoming available dates by using the search parameters at the bottom of the screen or by clicking the “Available” tab.

Available View
  • You can view and search for upcoming availability for reservations.
  • To make a reservation on this screen, click the + icon of the side of the rock you want on your desired date.
  • You can also search for availability at the bottom of the screen.